Beginner Guide to Online Slots: Best Casino Slots to Play

Aside from traditional table games, casino slots are among the top choices to play in a legit virtual casino. If you go gambling, you'd want to have some fun in the process too, and playing slot machines is usually entertaining. However, if you're going to increase your chances of winning at your favorite slots, you might need a few pointers before placing that bet.

Classic Slot Games

casino slots classic

Classic reel slots are the most familiar slot games, especially if you've been to a land-based casino before. This type of slot game looks like the machines that you can find in brick and mortar casinos.

It can be a 3-reel or 5-reel video slot machine, and both are among the easiest to play, especially for beginners. It doesn't involve any complicated rules, and every player gets a chance to earn real money.

Fruit Machines

casino slots fruit machine

This type of slot is a lot similar to classic reel slots, except for its theme and symbols. The game’s rule is the same, where you win if a symbol matches on all three reels. But instead of the card symbols in classic slots, fruit machines feature photos of different types of fruits.

Multi-Payline Slots

casino slots multi-payline

This type of video slot usually features five reels and as many paylines depending on the game developer. You can find slot titles with 100 paylines, which means you have 1000 ways to win.

Multi-payline slots are the best casino slots to play if you are still starting to get your feet into online gambling. Even if you can't win the jackpot, you won't go home empty-handed if you play multi-payline slots.

Progressive Slots

casino slots progressive

If you are looking for ways to enjoy online casinos and get a chance to win life-changing amounts of cash, the best slot machines to play are progressive jackpots. It features a similar setup as classic slots but has different payout structures.

In classic reel slots, the jackpot prize is specific and remains the same until a lucky player wins it all. Progressive slots, on the other hand, the jackpot prize continues to increase until someone wins it. Also, this type of slot game is built-on specific games, which you can take advantage of no matter which gambling site you are playing it on.

High Roller Slots

casino slots high roller

If you want more thrilling casino slots experience, you can also check out high roller slots. It's where you can find games with high wagering requirements compared to typical slot machines. Large wagers also come with even more prize money, which is perfect if you're feeling lucky.

There are tons of slot machines in a virtual casino lobby that it’s often mind-boggling to choose one to play for the day. They have different themes, vibe, and rules. With this beginner guide to slots, you should be able to conveniently choose which type of casino slots you can play next.

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