5 Casino Games with the Lowest House Edge You Need to Know

House edge is always present in all casino games, whether you are playing in brick and mortar or online casinos. Fortunately, you can lower house advantages with some strategies and winning gameplay. House edge also differs depending on the games you play, so you can easily choose one that gives you better chances of winning a massive prize.

Check out five of the best games with the lowest house advantage to play at trusted online casinos.

  1. Single Deck Blackjack

casino games blackjack

There are many variants of blackjack, and they come in different house advantages. The key is looking at how many cards are present in the game.

If you want to boost your chance of winning when playing blackjack games, choose the variant that deals with lesser cards as possible. If the casino has a single deck blackjack game on offer, that has around 1.5% house edge, which is significantly lower than in other blackjack variants.

  1. Baccarat

casino games baccarat

Baccarat is a perfect game if you want something simple but gives you a better chance of winning. The only thing you need to remember in baccarat is to choose your bet wisely, which will be between the Banker, Player, or Tie. You can sit back and relax while you’re playing this game.

What’s even better is baccarat only has a 1.5% house edge.

  1. Three-Card Poker

casino games poker

In a trusted online casino with a decent poker section in the lobby, you can find different poker variants. If you want to play poker with the lowest house edge, your best option would be the Three Card Poker. It's one of the quickest and most entertaining casino games and only has a 1.5% house advantage.

You can even lower or ultimately beat the house through basic poker strategies.

  1. Jacks or Better

casino games jack or better

Depending on which casino you're playing and what strategies you use, you can effectively lower the house edge for Jacks or Better up to 0.46%. It's among the most popular video poker games today, and if it's full pay, using the most basic poker strategy can boost your winning chances.

  1. Craps

casino games craps

Craps is one of the most thrilling casino games, whether you are playing in a real casino or a virtual one. However, it's usually off-putting for beginner gamblers because of its many rules that you need to know.

But don't let that fool you because craps have one of the lowest house advantages. It can go as low as 1.4%, depending on the gambling site you choose.

You can beat the casino if you win against the house edge. Playing casino games with the lowest house advantage will effectively boost your odds of winning, and using a winning strategy will help you even further.

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